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The Big Apple Bread And Spread Bundle
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The Big Apple Bread And Spread Bundle

Craving a cozy breakfast or afternoon snack with a touch of homemade goodness? The Big Apple Bread & Spread Bundle offers a convenient combination of something delicious. Our curated selection brings together four delectable treats, each bursting with the warm flavors of apples, cinnamon, and comforting spices.

Apple cinnamon bread (700g): Bite into slices of fresh and moist apple bread; perfectly studded with juicy apple chunks and infused with cinnamon warmth.

Cinnamon raisin mumble crumble bread (1100g): This fluffy loaf has a tender crumb filled with sweet raisins along with a crunchy cinnamon crumble.

Apple butter (250ml): Velvety smooth and bursting with rich apple flavor, our handcrafted bread spread is made with slow-cooked apples.

Apple Pie in a jar (250ml): Get the essence of warm apple pie in a convenient spread. Tender apple chunks, warm spices, and a hint of buttery crust combine to create a taste that's both familiar and delightful.

Convenient and economical:

Our Bread & Spread bundle saves you time and money while offering a complete sweet treat experience. Enjoy it on your own or share it with friends and family for a cozy moment of delight.

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