Bundles and Baskets
Apple Maple Pie Bundle

CAD 27.99

Maple Breakfast Bundle

CAD 33.99

Maple Spread Bundle

CAD 39.99

The Big Apple Bread and Spread Bundle

CAD 20.00

The Big Apple Savoury Bundle

CAD 25.00

The Big Apple Sweet Bundle

CAD 30.00

The Big Apple Healthier No Sugar Bundle

CAD 33.00

Ultimate Applicious Bundle FREE Apple Cinnamon Bread (5.8 kg)

CAD 40.00

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Featured Products
Apple Maple Pie 9 Inches

CAD 14.99

Pumpkin Pie 9 Inch

CAD 12.99

Apple Cinnamon Bread

CAD 4.49

Premium Apple Cider 355ML Can

CAD 3.32