Dutch Apple Pie With Custard And Raisins 9 Inches

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Dutch Apple Pie With Custard And Raisins 9 Inches
9 Inch Pies

Dutch Apple Pie With Custard And Raisins 9 Inches

The Big Apple's Dutch Apple Pie offers an apple delight filled with tender apples, creamy custard, and a touch of sweet raisins, all wrapped in a flaky crust.

What’s so good about the Dutch apple pie?

  • Sweet and tangy apples: The heart of this Dutch apple pie lies in its generous filling of tender apple slices. The tangy sweetness of apples shines through, creating a fruity contrast with the other layers.
  • Rich and creamy custard: A smooth and creamy custard layer adds a smooth richness to the pie.
  • Sweet raisins: Scattered throughout the filling, plump raisins offer pops of sweetness and a hint of chewiness.
  • Flaky and buttery crust: Encasing the delicious filling is a golden-brown, flaky crust. Made with real butter, it gives a satisfying crunch and buttery aroma.

Is the Dutch apple pie easy to eat?

Our pre-made Dutch apple pie comes ready to enjoy. Simply heat it for a warm treat or savor it cold for a refreshing dessert.

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