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Bee Power
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Bee Power

Bee Power Honey is a special mix of equal parts organic honey, fresh royal jelly, raw bee pollen and propolis for an all-natural power boost from the beehive. Besides carbohydrates, honey contains B-complex and C vitamins, and minerals (potassium, calcium). Organic, unprocessed honey also contains bee pollen which is filtered out in processed honey products. Bee Pollen is created from flower pollen bees bring back to the hive. Mixed with nectar and enzymes secreted by worker bees who pack the pollen granules into comb cells, these granules, known as bee pollen or bee bread, are the primary source of protein for bees. Bee pollen varies in composition depending on the floral pollen collected. Bee pollen consists of 55% carbohydrates, 35% proteins (and all 22 protein-building amino acids), 3% vitamins (carotenoids, B-complex etc.), minerals (mostly phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium), 2% fatty acids, and 5% other compounds (enzymes, trace elements and antioxidants). Fresh Royal Jelly is creamy white honeybee secretion, royal jelly is fed exclusively to queen larva and adult queen bees throughout their life cycle. Nutrient-rich, royal jelly contains B-complex and C vitamins, and a broad spectrum of amino acids, trace minerals, proteins, sugars, essential fatty acids and enzymes. Propolis is a dark brown resinous mixture collected from tree sap and flower resin by bees. Trees exude sap to defend against bacteria, fungi and insects, evergreen sap being particularly potent. Usually dark brown in colour, bees use propolis to prevent disease, bacterial growth and parasites in the hive. Typically, propolis from northern forests and fields contain over 50 compounds, including resins, vegetable balsams, waxes, essential oils and pollen. When organic, unprocessed honey, fresh royal jelly, raw bee pollen and propolis are combined in Bee Power Honey it is a powerhouse of energy from the beehive. Packed as a one-month supply. NET WT 350gr/12.35oz. Contains No Artificial Additives, Sweeteners, Colors or Flavors.

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