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Everything you need to know about organic honey!

Have you ever wondered what makes organic honey so special? Well, at The Big Apple, we’re excited to share the story of our Nutrabee organic honey – a product that brings natural sweetness along with nature’s goodness to you.

So, let’s buzz into the hives and unearth the sweet secrets that make the Nutrabee honey more than just a delightful jar in your pantry!

Organic honey: Nature’s hidden sweetness

Organic honey stands out because it comes from bees that forage in natural, chemical-free environments. This means the honey you enjoy is as clean and pure as it gets. Nutrabee honey from The Big Apple takes this concept to heart. 

Made with top-notch organic ingredients, it’s a blend of the finest nectar and carefully chosen herbs. So, when you taste our honey, you’re experiencing nature in its purest form.

How is organic honey made?

Ever thought about how bees turn nectar into the honey we love? It’s a natural process that’s both interesting and essential. Bees collect nectar and pollen, transforming them into the sweet honey in their hives. 

Beekeepers then step in, harvesting the honey in a way that honors the bees’ hard work. This involves removing the honeycomb, extracting the honey, and ensuring it reaches you in its most natural state.

Is organic honey good for you?

Yes, it is! Organic honey is much more than just a way to sweeten your tea. It’s rich in essential nutrients and acts as a natural health booster. Nutrabee honey, as emphasized by its founder, Fatima Basic, is about embracing the health-enhancing qualities of honey and herbs. It’s great for tackling health issues like colds, managing blood sugar, and even boosting your immune system.

Nutrabee honey varieties at The Big Apple

The Big Apple is proud to present a diverse range of Nutrabee honey flavors, each with its unique taste and health benefits. Take a look at what we offer.

  • Ginger bee honey: Ideal for digestive health, this honey combines the natural goodness of honey with the zesty kick of ginger.
  • Turmeric honey: It’s a go-to honey for combating colds and boosting immunity since it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Apple blossom honey: A pure, sweet delight made from the nectar of apple blossoms, perfect for those who enjoy a delicate flavor.
  • Maple syrup & honey: A wonderful blend of natural Canadian maple syrup and wildflower honey, making it an excellent choice for your breakfast pancakes. 

The fun you get at The Big Apple farm!

And you know what? Visiting The Big Apple is about more than just buying honey. You can taste various Nutrabee honey flavors, learn about beekeeping, or pick up a thoughtful honey-bunny gift for your loved ones. From apple picking to bakery treats and live music, it would become a day out for the whole family.

So, come visit The Big Apple farm today and explore the sweet world the bees are weaving for you… We look forward to seeing you! Or you can just order the Nutrabee organic honey online, straight from the cozy couch of your home.



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