Chocolate macaroons 3 ways for the holiday season!


Craving for something sweet? With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to indulge in all the irresistible treats that come with it. And who can resist a bit of sugary temptation, especially when it comes to macaroons? As you know, our chocolate macaroons at The Big Apple are a hit any day of the year, but there’s something magical about rolling up your sleeves and whipping up something creative on Christmas… isn’t it?

So if you’re feeling a bit creative and want to add a personal touch to your Christmas desserts, why not try doing some fusion using chocolate macaroons?

The fusion you didn’t know you needed this Christmas!

Christmas reminds us of warmth, love, and the joy of sharing. And of course, yummy chocolate macaroons… simple, yet delightful. We can’t imagine  Christmas Eve without them. So let’s make those evenings more memorable. 

Check out these 3 exciting chocolate macaroon fusions to make your holidays different and fun this year!

1. Christmas Tree Cake – Macaroon Style

For a twist on the traditional Christmas cake, try making a tower of chocolate-coated macaroons shaped like a tree. Each macaroon is topped with a rich brandy ganache, coated in velvety white chocolate, and adorned with fresh raspberries and pistachio nuts. 

The centerpiece of the Macaroon Christmas Tree Cake is the brandy ganache, made from a blend of fine white chocolate, cream, brandy, and vanilla extract. 

Now assemble this festive cake using a cardboard cone as the base, around which the chocolate-dipped macaroons are arranged to form the shape of a Christmas tree. The finishing touch of raspberries and pistachios adds a pop of color and freshness, making this dessert the highlight of Christmas.

2. Kitty macarons with chocolate ganache and lemon curd

If you have kids at home these holidays, then try transforming chocolate macaroons into full-body Hello Kitty macarons. Start by carefully dividing the macaron batter into specific color ratios to replicate Hello Kitty’s iconic look. Once the shells are ready, craft the Hello Kitty’s accessories with royal icing, and use a black edible marker to draw her facial features. 

For the filling, blend a rich chocolate ganache with tangy lemon curd for a delightful flavor contrast. You can prepare the ganache with dark chocolate, whipping cream, and butter. Now assemble the macarons with care, and refrigerate them for better consistency. 

These cute Hello Kitty macarons will surely be a perfect and exciting Christmas treat for your kids!  

3. Orange zest and spice chocolate macaroons

This holiday season, these fusion macaroons will give a refreshing and spicy twist to your traditional treats. Just add some orange zest, cinnamon, and nutmeg to your chocolate macaroon mix and see how the flavors take a beautiful turn!

The tropical sweetness of coconut pairs beautifully with the rich, warming spices of cinnamon and nutmeg. The orange zest brings a tangy and zesty element, enhancing the overall flavor profile. 

So, this Christmas, while our classic chocolate macaroons at The Big Apple await you like always (and they’re gluten-free!), don’t hesitate to put on your apron and create some magic in your kitchen. Whether it’s the zesty orange and spice, sweet Christmas tree, or the cute Hello Kitty macaroons, each variation brings its unique flavor to your holiday table.

So get baking and happy holidays!


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